Ban kambia nos Bida

(Change our lives)

Ban kambia nos bida is the central concept and the campaign slogan (in the startup phase), but is especially -of mainly way the spirit of background should contain and convey strongly and clearly, each and every one of the messages that Gerrit Schotte, Parliamentarians and the rest of the candidates and spokespersons for MFK emit.

Ban kambia nos bida is a phrase denoting an enormous determination, it capture as the fundamental decision and basic right that every human being has to change his way of living, in their legitimate aspiration to achieve a better standard of living.

The phrase Ban kambia nos bida launches a personal challenge to Curaçaoans: the challenge to recognize that today the reality of his country and his own leave much to be desired, but above all, invites you to do something actively for change the status quo.

Ban kambia nos bida is ultimately a call to change. A freeing shout that comes to voice frustration and impotence that today live thousands of Curaçaoans.

Ban kambia nos bida means being free from the current government. A government that has demonstrated its inability to adequately address the real needs and problems of people.

Through this call, the MFK party, through its leader, Gerrit Schotte; of its parliamentarians, candidates, spokespersons, and their communication in general, seeks to remove and shake the soul and mind of Curaçaoan people so that they react and act peacefully to modify your destination, driving through channels with Curaçaoan families to live better.

Ban kambia nos bida is an expression intended to be presented and always manifested in positive, constructive, cheerful, warm, human and hopeful, with an important emotional envelope.

Ban kambia nos bida is a phrase of all MFK and not exclusively of Gerrit Schotte. It reflects the commitment and vision of MFK as a whole.

To consider…

An additional point to consider is the fact that since its formation in 2010, the MFK party has been characterized by its constancy, stability and solidity as a political organization.

Unlike other political parties and movements that have existed and exist in Curacao, MFK is distinguished by fully accomplish with their commitments, taking them out to its logical conclusion.

Congruence is a distinctive value MFK party.